Why do we need your support?
Audiences count on us to deliver captivating artistic programmes. Younger artists, children and teachers count on us for thrilling arts education projects. And the Barbican? The Barbican counts on you.

Donations from businesses, trusts, and thousands of generous individuals give a great number of young people from all walks of life the chance to work with experts in learning projects across every genre: Music, Film Theatre, Art and Dance. Together with your help we present to you the world’s best artists – established and emerging.

In tough financial times, we need extra support more than ever. It’s only with help from our donors that we can promise tomorrow’s most exciting artists a platform to develop and inspire you.

  • A nine-year-old boy picks up his trumpet and plays alongside one of the great artists and teachers from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. At first he’s tentative. Then he’s swinging. “Performing in a space like the Barbican is serious,” he says after a rehearsal, his voice filled with awe. “This is professional.” Six months later he’s a Barbican Jazz Ambassador, eager to show other young people what jazz can mean for them.

  • A music teacher smiles at the end of a workshop with forty children, exhausted and proud. “I see the look in their eyes,” he says, shaking his head in wonder, “when they hear the music they’ve made themselves.”

  • An arts reviewer from a major newspaper watches in awe as 200 talented young artists take to the Barbican stage to perform their own creation. Angry. Open. Joyful. Another five star review is logged.

Our supporters create life-changing moments like these, born of hard work as well as creativity.

When you support the Barbican – whether as a corporate partner, a funder, a Patron, or an individual donor – you are nurturing creativity and helping the arts thrive for everyone’s benefit.

Please join us, and bring more art to life.

If you would like more information on the various ways you can support our growing arts and learning programmes please email development@barbican.org.uk or call our team on 020 7382 6185. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

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