Free WiFi access
You can access our fast and free WiFi network in the foyers. Upgraded in 2012, the new network speeds are faster than a typical home broadband connection.

To access the network, switch on your WiFi device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) and ensure that WiFi is enabled. Select ‘The Cloud’ from the available network list, and open your internet browser. You will see The Cloud landing page. First time users can follow the simple one-time registration process, otherwise you are prompted to log-in and can begin using the WiFi service.

So get set up and take advantage of the free network, whether you are working, having a coffee, or here to enjoy a performance.

Wifi made easy
Download The Cloud's FastConnect app and register your device* to connect automatically to The Cloud WiFi hotspots.
*App available for Apple iOS devices with iOS4.3 or later and compatible Androiddevices with OS2.3 and above.